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I have been clicking images for more than 12 years and continue to practice for the rest of my life. I started my journey as a photography enthusiast in 2011 while pursuing Mass Communication. After working for 5 years as a Digital Marketing professional, I quit my job to become a full-time Photographer and a content creator.


I started my YouTube channel in 2017 with the objective of sharing knowledge as a photographer and video creator. I am associated with Canon as a Canon Maestro. I have 2 Million+ subscribers across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


My aim is to spread knowledge about photography across the country, by sharing my knowledge in Hindi language. I have conducted 200+ webinars, photography walks and workshops on various genres of photography and content creation. More than 600 photographers have been trained under my Digital Photography Courses.


I believe every photographer and content creator must never stop learning new things and experimenting with own style. There is a lot more to learn every single day, and I still strive to learn new techniques and skills and share with you all.

Who is this course for?

If you have recently purchased a new smartphone or are looking to improve your level of smartphone photography by getting to know more about your camera, lighting and composition, this course is a perfect way to do so.

Why should you Buy This course?

If you are planning to start your own photography business or want to capture the best quality images using your smartphone camera while travelling or for your family and friends, this course will help you get started.

What do you get in this course?

- Types of Mobile Camera in your Smartphone explained

- Concept and uses of Megapixel in your smartphone camera

- How to achieve correct exposure and focus while clicking photos in any situation

- Important Composition rules and the concept behind framing shots

- Manual/pro mode explained

- Low light photography tips to capture sharp and clear photos at night

What BENEFITS do you get in this course?

- e-certification on completion of the course

- Monthly Q&A live session


His passion for the craft and dedication to teaching empowered me to see the world through a new lens, both literally and figuratively. His guidance transformed my approach to photography, and I now navigate the art form with confidence and creativity - Zahid A Shah

Love the way you explain everything. It motivates me a lot to improving my Photography. Then after I bought (Master Smartphone Photography & Lightroom CC Masterclass) which help me lot to improving my photography. I feel that I’ve grown a lot as a Photographer - Chiragbhai Patel

I was struggling with video making as a gym trainer, and finally I enrolled for Kunal's course and it helped me gain knowledge about composition and lighting. He motivated me to make regular videos and grow as a content creator - Veer

Kunal Malhotra

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